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Expecting Couple

Mindful Birthing 

A full day class which teaches you an array of tools to prepare you for your birthing day. 


~ The biology of your body and baby during labour and birth

~ Relaxation techniques 

~ Breathing techniques 

~ Active birth techniques (Robozo, Acupressure, massage etc.)

~ Labour and Birthing positions

~ Your role as a birthing partner

We finish our day off with an hour of prenatal yoga for the mums, and a drink with Steph for the partners so you can learn how best to support your partner during labour. 

Session Dates Available For 2024

$249 per couple

Saturday 4th May 2024

9am - 4pm

Saturday 22nd June 2024

9am - 4pm

Saturday 25th May 2024

9am - 4pm

Saturday 20th July 2024

9am - 4pm

-Tea, Coffee and light Snacks provided during the day.

- Fridge available to cool foods brought by couple if required. 

- 1 hour break for lunch - Shopping and food complexes 2 mins drive away from venue for purchasing of food for lunch


The most useful for women between 30-38 weeks 

Mindful Birthing Creator Charlotte Hogarth 

I am Charlotte, a mum of three rowdy, energetic little boys and a 
midwife with over 10years experience across Brisbane and Darwin. After 
having my own three children and seeing the approach to education in 
hospital antenatal classes, I knew that there was a big gap in the 
current system. The approach to your mindset, understanding normal and 
assisting your instinct and primal self is missed. I created Mindful 
Birthing in 2020 with the intention of providing education to women so 
they understood what was happening as they experienced labour, they 
could navigate changes in a calm and empowered manner and ensure they 
were informed every step of the way. Birth partners also play a huge 
role in supporting, advocating and assisting mothers to move through 
this transition, this is why I created a special portion at the end to 
focus in on their needs and requirements. Since commencing the program 
has been incredibly popular and has grown through provision from other 

Learn more about Charlotte and Benefitting Birth and Beyond



Moonie Crescent, Jimboomba, QLD 4280





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